Use diamond polishing wheels with rotary handpiece systems for a better, brighter surface finish on tools used for jewelry and hand engraved work. Renowned stone setters and jewelers such as Alexander Sidorov use these diamond polishing wheels for the best finish on his jewelry tools. Available in a variety of grits, these wheels allow users to rough, grind, or polish depending on the material. Mounts in a micromotor (like NSK EVO or Electer) or flex-shaft (Foredom) hanging motor handpiece. These diamond wheels are for craft use only and not approved for medical use. Always employ proper safety methods, such as wearing eye protection and securing loose articles of clothing and hair, when using rotary tools. Surfaces may become warm or hot with prolonged use, so take care to protect skin and other surfaces from heat damage as needed. Feel free to contact GRS at 800-835-3519 or for more information and help with using these tools.

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