“Ring” in the New Year

“Ring” in the New Year

With 2016 drawing to a close, we thought it would be appropriate to “ring” in the new year with this lovely French cut ring, set by Ben Bentvelzen. The ring features a regular “V” pattern along the edges that shows off as much surface area of the stones as possible.



Master jeweler Alexander Sidorov designed, engraved, and set this watch. His stunning design features the constellation Libra, a set of scales, and a pavé stones nestled around the starburst in the center of the face. The stones set in the face are mostly dark, but trios of light stones mark off each hour. A line of bright stones circle the edge of the thin case, interrupted by darker stones that also mark each hour.

The Gift of Engraving

The Gift of Engraving

Russell McNabb began engraving this derringer during a Start-to-Finish Firearms engraving course. After he finished the firearm, he shared these photos with us. The design features seventy gold-stemmed leaves and two flowers with gold centers. McNabb intends to give the engraved gun to his son for Christmas this year.

Swirling Constellations

Swirling Constellations

Donald Jarvis engraved this derringer during a private Start-to-Finish Firearms engraving course at the GRS Training Center. The scroll ends flare out into multiple points, creating forms reminiscent of stars. The playful shapes swirl around the side of the frame and contrast nicely with the no-nonsense lines of leaves on the barrel.



David Hillman engraved this practice plate while attending Todd Daniels’ Combination Course for Jewelers at the GRS Training Center. The design is made up of just straight lines, but the accumulation and placement of these elements created a brain-bending pattern on this 2-inch plate.

A Stylish Modern Ring

GRSTC instructor and professional jeweler/engraver Todd Daniels set this stylish modern ring. It features a pavéd ball setting with a larger burnished center stone. The spherical accent reflects light in fragmented pieces, creating a subtle pattern on the broad band.

Stunning Sculpted Scrollwork

Master Alain Lovenberg engraved this firearm part with beautiful, complex scrollwork. Symmetrical designs and fine details make this a piece that draws the viewer in and keeps their attention. Clean background removal makes it seem like the scrollwork is laid over the surface of the gun, adding a fine level of ornate decoration.

Star Cruiser

Max Weinstein fabricated, set, and engraved this pendant, which, like many of his pieces, was inspired by science fiction. This sterling silver “Star Cruiser” features 14K gold accents, orange tourmaline, sapphire, green tourmaline, and a small diamond. The orange and green tourmalines contrast well and create a buzz of color. Engraved “hieroglyphics” help to give the piece an otherworldly feel.

The 2017 Learn Project: Fine Fabrication and Engraving

Jeremiah Watt fabricated and engraved this year’s GRS Training Center “Learn” project. A lot of thought and skill went into this piece, which features three types of metal, bright cuts, fine lines, wriggle cuts, and stippling. Each corner is accented with a raised piece that has been cut to resemble a faceted gem. Jeremiah used a variety of texture, tone, and color to create a beautiful piece.

Cool Colors and Crystalline Structures

Nathaniel Fyffe fabricated this pendant, which features a crystalline structure, blue sapphires, and color-change garnets. The cool colors compliment each other, but their subtle variation also adds visual interest to the piece.

Sneak Peek: The 2017 Learn Project

The holidays are fast approaching, which also means its nearly time to sign up for 2017 Courses at the GRS Training Center! While you’re waiting, enjoy a few glimpses of the 2017 “Learn” project, designed and engraved by Jeremiah Watt.

Enrollment opens December 1st, so mark your calendar. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the GRS Tools Facebook page for updates about exciting new classes coming in 2017!

Three Knives and Six Scrolls

GRSTC instructor and professional engraver Jake Newell let us photograph some of his recent work: a trio of Buck Knives. The fixed blade knives each feature engraved scrollwork on each side of the bolster. Jake used different designs for each, experimenting with the shape and density of the leaves.

Bold Patterns and Textures

Sean Smokovich fabricated and set this colorful pendant, which features bold patterns and neat textures. Rows of crossing lines create triangles, stars, and hexagons, depending on how the viewer reads the pattern. “S” curves along the sides give the design another rhythmic element, and large stippled areas soften the appearance of entire sections of metal.

A Good Cause: The Second Knife

Back in September, we shared the first of a pair of Spyderco knives that Diane Simpson engraved. She engraved the pretty pair as a donation to a local charity auction. The second knife is a smaller model, but still features scrollwork that matches the first.

Continued Studies

Mark Dupp has taken a number of courses at the GRS Training Center, but also actively pursues the study of engraving when at home. Mark engraved these practice plates from the Self-Study Kit for Engravers (#022-873), which feature designs by Ron Smith. Mark also watched Sam Alfano’s “Engraving Scrollwork Start to Finish” DVD (#023-502) and applied what he learned to the second two plates shown here.

The Third Dimension

Professional hand engraver and GRSTC instructor Rick Eaton made and engraved this beautifully embellished knife. Strong shadows make the scrollwork pop on the each side of the handle, creating the illusion of dimension. Sculpted gold elements add actual dimension for an even greater layered effect.