For Advanced Tools & Training, GRS is Your Source

More than a classroom.

From professionals to hobbyists, many have tried to learn new skills with books, videos, and online materials. But just one class at the GRS Training Center will prove those materials can't hold a graver to our five-day courses.

The facts are simple: artists generally learn best when shown in‑person how to engrave or set stones. Taking a class increases productivity by expanding your ability quickly. The GRS Training Center offers classes for every level, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

More and more jewelers travel to the GRS Training Center every year to learn high-end jewelry techniques and the art of hand engraving. From South Africa to Alaska, jewelers and artists know our training and tools are second to none. Jeff Freeman of Australia says: "This was my third class. You don't travel from Australia to the USA that many times if you are not totally satisfied with the people and the products."

Classes for 2013 include:

Reduce Fatigue, Increase Productivity, Expand Ability

Our tools help to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Taking a class increases productivity even greater by expanding your ability quickly. In only 5 days, you can learn:

  • How to make custom tools
  • Advanced stone setting techniques
  • Hand engraving to embellish your work
  • Lettering for jewelry
  • How to inlay gold and other metals
  • Fine, ornamental shading for engraving
  • And so much more!

Proven Track Record: Over 30 Years in Business

As part of the Glendo Corporation based in Emporia, Kansas, GRS has created the well-known engraving systems such as the original GraverMeister and the new GraverMax and GraverMach lines, along with the Airtact touch control unit.

With over 600 high-quality tools — including training DVDs, gravers, sharpening systems, and more — manufactured and in stock from GRS, you are bound to find the tool you need for your trade. We carry dozens of metal engraving supplies for advanced jewelers like you, so visit our website today or give us a call at 800-835-3519.

Made in the USA

Products manufactured by Glendo are proudly made in the USA. Kara Whitaker of Texas says: "I appreciate the exceptional tool quality made right here in America. This is such a great facility, and to have these instructors teaching here is so awesome. I learned more in five days than I did in a semester of stone setting!" Don't wait another day to find out more.

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