Acrobat® Versa + Leica® A60 Complete Package with 0.63x Objective Lens
GRS ITEM #003-657


Trusted by hand engravers and jewelers for years, the GRS Acrobat® stand has been redesigned with a sleek form specifically for the high-powered Leica® A60 microscope. The new Acrobat® Versa features a rigid frame that makes positioning easy, a magnetic document holder, and ergonomic handles for the best optical experience possible.

The Complete Package includes the Acrobat® Versa stand, Leica® A60 microscope, Optia® LED light and control, mounting base, post, and primary document holder. Secondary document holder and camera mount sold separately.

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• FusionOptics provides a larger field of view and depth of focus
• Allows easier handling, less refocusing, and time savings
• Includes 0.63x objective lens and Acrobat® Versa stand

Additional information

Weight38.8000 lbs

A60 0.63X objective lens
Acrobat Versa stand
dust cover
GRS® objective lens adapter
Leica® A60 microscope
mounting base
Optia® LED light and control
primary document holder

Manuals & Docs

Acrobat Versa Stand
Instructions for the Acrobat Versa Microscope Stand.

Leica A60 Microscope Acrobat Versa Installation Instructions
How to install the Leica A60 in the Acrobat Versa Stand.

Leica A60 Headrest
Instructions to install the Leica A60 Headrest.

Acrobat Versa Rotational Axis Adapter Instructions
Installation instructions rotational axis adapter.

Leica A60 Microscope Settings
Focus adjustments for the Leica A60 Microscope.


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