Thermo-Loc® Starter Kit
GRS ITEM #003-667


Includes 6″ (152.4 mm) square special non-stick PTFE material pad for microwave use and 1 pound of Thermo-Loc.
(1 lb = approx. 60 sticks).

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Thermo-Loc is a special reusable polymer material that is rigid at room temperature yet becomes pliable when heated or warmed. Developed to hold irregularly shaped or fragile items, Thermo-Loc can be used on firearms, knives, wood, and more. Supplied in convenient 6″ (150mm) long sticks, Thermo-Loc is a medium gray color designed to reduce eye strain under work lights. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Starter Kit includes 6″ (150mm) square special non-stick PTFE material pad and 1 lb. (450 gm) of Thermo-Loc sticks.
1 lb = approximately 60 sticks

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Weight1.2500 lbs

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Thermo-Loc Instructions
How to use Thermo-Loc material for workholding.


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SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

Thermo Loc
Material Safety Data Sheet for Thermo Loc.