Maestro MX Handpiece
GRS ITEM #004-909


The Maestro MX has the widest range of power of the Maestro family. With a 72% heavier piston (compared to the Maestro EX), it is ideal for hammering, texturing, light to heavy sculpting, stippling, stone setting, and more. The handlebar or pen-style grip can be ideal for certain artists and applications.

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Introducing the New Maestro MX

The GRS Maestro now comes in three models for an even wider variety of applications. It is ergonomic and slim, nicely balanced, and very smooth in operation.

The Maestro

In 2010, GRS introduced the first Maestro Handpiece designed especially for fine applications, including scrimshaw. Users loved working with the slim, wand-like shape and soon asked for more power so they could use it for a wider variety of jobs.

The Maestro EX

In 2011, GRS introduced the second in the Maestro line: the EX model. The Maestro EX is the same length as the original Maestro and only 20% bigger in diameter. But the EX piston is over 3.5 times heavier with a longer stroke. This means it delivers significantly more power for a wide variety of stone setting, general metal engraving, texturing, and hammering applications. Control is excellent across the full Maestro EX power range. It also uses the GRS QC Tool Holding system for quick, two second tool changes.

The Maestro MX

The new Maestro MX is the largest and most powerful in the Maestro handpiece line. It is significantly more powerful than the Maestro EX model because its piston weighs 72% more. In fact, the Maestro MX has even more power than the GRS Magnum Handpiece. But, power is only part of the story…the Maestro MX has amazing fine control as well. How fine? Fine enough to engrave fine shading lines without any adjustments to the MX handpiece whatsoever.

Hand control is easily added with an Airtact Thumb / Finger element. Made from heat-treated stainless steel and solid brass.

Requires a compatible GRS engraving system using oil-free compressed air. Compatible GRS systems include the GraverMach AT, GraverMax G8, GraverMach, GraverMax SC, GraverSmith, and Classic GraverMax / GraverMate machines. This handpiece is not Airtact ready and is not compatible with the GraverMeister machine.

• 72% heavier piston (compared to the Maestro EX) delivers the most power
• Weight and length give the widest range of power and control
• Best for heavy techniques

Additional information

Weight.3100 lbs

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Maestro MX Handpiece Instructions
Instructions and Parts List for the GRS Maestro MX Handpiece.


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