Ultra 850 Rotary System + System 3 Foot Control
GRS ITEM #004-914


This rotary handpiece turns 320,000 RPM for effortless engraving, decorating, and grinding on almost any material. It only accepts 1/16″ (1.6 mm) diameter bur shanks. Connects directly to a GraverMach® AT, GraverMax® G8, or any regulated air supply.

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No. 3 in GRS Ultra 850

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Full speed regulation with your foot, from slow to fast, for your 850 Rotary Air Handpiece. Connects easily to GraverMach, GraverMax SC, or any source of compressed air. Includes tubing and connectors.

• 320,000 RPM for effortless use on almost any material
• Free from vibration and noise
• Small footprint + System 3 Foot Control

Additional information

Weight6.8500 lbs

Manuals & Docs

GRS 850 Rotary Handpiece Manual
Operation and maintenance for the 850 rotary handpiece.

GRS Ultra 850 Rotary System Instructions
How to use the Ultra 850 Rotary System.


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