C-Max Round Blank — 1.8 mm, 10 Pack
GRS ITEM #022-780


Economical pack of 10. This “Blank” 1.8 mm round graver has no preshaped angle and should be sharpened properly before use. A Round has a versatile shape perfect for custom geometry (cutting point angles) to be used for background treatment and texturing, stone setting techniques, fine engraving, general engraving, and more. Length: 2″ (50.8 mm). Use with QC Tool Holder for 1.8 mm Tools (#004-852).

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With input from some of the world’s foremost metal engravers, GRS developed a special C-Max graver blank. Many engravers prefer a tool shaped and sharpened to a fine-to-medium size, making traditionally-sized gravers less economical of materials and time.

The 1.8 mm round (0.071″) graver is the result of careful testing and feedback from a number of professional engravers. The tool is small enough to allow quick sharpening with less waste, yet strong enough for a majority of fine metal engraving jobs. The round shape not only limits wasted tool metal, it is also more comfortable to use.

For even more convenience, sharpening with the EasyGraver (#003-700) is highly recommended. The QC Tool Holder for 1.8 mm Tools (#004-852) is made specifically to hold small tools like this blank, providing the highest level of accuracy for tool holding while sharpening.

Save valuable time and money with this convenient tool for metal engraving. Intended for fine shading and general engraving work.

About C-Max

Years of development have now produced a tungsten carbide graver with the right blend of hardness and toughness for hand engraving and stone setting applications. C-Max achieves a metallurgical balance like no other carbide. For years, engravers and jewelers have used other carbide gravers that break easily or don’t hold a fine edge. Now, this frustration is gone forever, thanks to C-Max carbide. Try these tools and you’ll do better work in noticeably less time.The C-Max gravers are available in a variety of preshaped and blank styles, including the custom GRS V-Point shape in 75, 90, 105, and 120 degrees.

• Can be used as is or sharpened to a specific geometry
• Perfect for background treatment and texturing
• Works well for stone setting and general engraving

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Weight.0500 lbs

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GRS Carbide Graver Instructions
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C-Max Round Blank 1.8 mm Graver Instructions
Benefits & Recommended Use for C-Max Round Blank 1.8 mm Graver


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