Slide & Lock Tru-Axis Adapter
GRS ITEM #004-753


The Slide & Lock system was designed by JA Master Bench Jeweler Jeff Mathews to help jewelers work more efficiently. The Tru-Axis Adapter was designed for those that own the Original Slide & Lock (#004-757) and work under a microscope. Once installed the user is able to maintain a set height of the Slide and Lock, allowing the Tru-Axis Adapter to travel up to 4″ vertically without contacting the microscope.
By simply opening the brass handle you can quickly reposition the height of your work for easy adjustments or to move to the next task. This will save time moving through the steps of fabrication and setting. The adapter must be paired with the Original Slide & Lock. The system interfaces with any tool that attaches to the GRS Fixed Mounting Plate. This includes any BenchMate® models, Block Shelf, Bench Pin, Multi-Purpose Vise, and more.

• Ideal for Microscope Users
• 4″ of vertical travel
• Must be paired with Slide & Lock Original
• Support up to two separate tools at once
• Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and weariness in hands, neck, and back
• Positions work for viewing through microscope or OptiVISOR
• Easily slide the holder into position and lock it
• Adjust height in seconds — tools can be set at height above work surface
• Lock is easily reversed for right- or left-hand use
• Supports a maximum weight of 35 pounds

Additional information

Weight2.18 lbs
Dimensions7 × 6 × 2 in

Manuals & Docs

Manual for Slide & Lock Tru-Axis Adapter
Manual for Slide & Lock Tru-Axis Adapter (#004-753)


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