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The Basics of a Setup with GRS Equipment

Know exactly what you need & why you need it

We’ve put together this list of basics for using the GRS equipment we recommend most often.

1. Compressed Air

Since GRS Air Systems need clean, dry air, you’ll need an oil-free compressor. All compressors sold by GRS include the necessary filters for maximum operation.

2. Air System

A GRS Air System is required to power a GRS handpiece. GRS handpieces utilize a pulse of air instead of a hammer or solely from manual pushing.

3. Handpiece

Compressed air flows through the GRS Air System to the GRS Handpiece for proper operation. Some handpieces work only with certain Air System models, so check compatibility notes before purchasing.

See Handpiece Overview

Handpiece Overview

When selecting a handpiece, it is important to understand which style works with your machine. It is also important to understand that selecting a handpiece is largely personal preference. Our line of handpieces have the capability of a full range of work, but your personal work style may call for a certain size or weight of handpiece.

Airtact Handpieces are designed to work with the GraverMach AT. They allow you to use your hand pressure or the foot pedal to control power. The same handpieces are offered in a standard style designed for the GraverMax G8 or the GraverSmith, which are foot pedal only. We also carry a variety of other handpieces for more specialized work, but we recommend focusing on the three below for getting started.

Airtact or Standard Style Handpieces

Our most popular style of handpiece. They fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and come in three different sizes and weights. 

Magnum AT or Magnum: This handpiece can do absolutely any work that you desire. It is effective at heavy metal removal, sculpting, bead raising/hammering, fine shading, texturing, bright cutting, bulino and anything else you want to do. It is a larger size at 2.72” and 5.68 oz.  This handpiece is great if you have bigger hands or prefer a heavier weight.

901 AT or 901: Our most popular handpiece, the 901 is another all-around option and the go-to for many GRS customers. It is effective for metal removal, sculpting, bead raising/hammering, fine shading, texturing, bright cutting, bulino, and anything else you want to do. This is a great mid-size, all-around handpiece at 2.6” and 4.16 oz. This handpiece will be comfortable in most hands.

Monarch AT or Monarch: This handpiece specializes in fine engraving such as bulino, banknote, or fine shading lines. Its small size makes it very easy to control during the finest cuts. It is great for people with small hands at 2.31” and 3.36 oz.

4. Gravers

Having the proper graver for the job is a vital step toward successful hand engraving and stone setting. GRS gravers are available in a variety of alloys to fit your projects.

Quick Graver Overview

C-Max & GlenSteel Graver Overview

With C-Max, get the right blend of hardness and toughness for hand engraving and stone setting applications with a high-quality carbide. GlenSteel, on the other hand, is a special high-speed tool steel made exclusively by GRS for tough engraving and stone setting.

Graver Shapes & Uses

Borders • Inlay work • Cutting lines with varying widths • Line engraving • Stone setting

Parallel Flat
Background removal • Borders • Bright cutting • Lettering script • Stylish borders • Wriggle cuts

Tapered Flat
Background removal • Borders • Bright cutting • Lettering script • Stylish borders • Wriggle cuts

Narrow Bevel
Deep, narrow V-cuts • Stone setting • Straight line engraving

Tapered Round
Bead raising • Block lettering • Engraving on uneven surfaces • Line engraving

RFF Point
Deep, narrow V-cuts • Stone setting • Straight line engraving

Square or V-Point
Background removal • Fine line engraving • General engraving • Shading • Wide variety of geometries

5. Sharpening Equipment

Almost all gravers from GRS must be hand sharpened for proper cutting. The Power Hone from GRS makes sharpening safe, fast, and easy — all with no heat to damage the tool. Fixtures provide repeatable graver results.

6. Workholding

Keep your work steady with our high-quality workholding equipment. GRS vises are always machined in the USA to provide you with the best, most durable block. Specialty vises and Thermo-Loc make any project easy to hold.

7. Magnification

Nothing compares to seeing and working on a project up close. GRS offers microscopes and stands, Optivisors, and loupes made for hand engraving and stone setting.

8. Sturdy Work Surface

Engraving and stone setting both require a solid work surface to prevent slips and accidents while using your tools and equipment. Though many prefer a traditional jeweler’s bench, almost any sturdy table will work well.

9. Additional Tools & Equipment

This is an important but often overlooked area for your bench setup. From equipment to help you work faster and smarter to customizable workholding, you’ll want to consider tools to make the challenge easier. Thermo-Loc, ID Ring Holders, and upgraded sharpening fixtures are just a few examples.

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